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A new issue of AgroOne magazine has been published! 20 years of success and development of the Aeromeh plant.

A new issue of AgroOne magazine has been published! 20 years of success and development of the Aeromeh plant.

Iryna Chornobay - Commercial Director of Aeromeh Plant

This year, Aeromeh celebrates its first 20th anniversary and celebrates its status as a world market leader in grain cleaning and seed equipment. The AgroOne team joins the numerous congratulations to the jubilee, well known in Ukraine and the world. Your successes and achievements work for every economy, for the development of the country and its image. Sincere thanks and wishes for new achievements to the Aeromeh team from our team and a wide range of agricultural producers!

We are somehow not used to the fact that Ukrainian products can not just be of high quality, but be the best in the world. It is the best, without any curtseys towards foreign competitors. Of course, there are not so many such producers in Ukraine yet, even if we take into account all industries. But their presence obviously inspires others: to create and be the best.

Volodymyr Sukhin and Iryna Chornobay, 2011

First of all, we mean the company "Aeromeh" - an enterprise with a glorious and difficult history, which, despite unforeseen circumstances, was able to transfer and establish the production of its, without exaggeration, unique products. The originality of the solutions and developments of the AEROMEH plant is evidenced by the fact that more than 70 patents for inventions and unique models have been obtained, and the separators themselves are exported to more than 60 countries. The latter figure is generally surprising and sincere pride for Ukrainian machine builders, because the world market for equipment for grain refining and seed production is extremely close and highly competitive.

However, the fact remains: without any marketing gimmicks and advertising campaigns, Aeromeh steadily ships its products to numerous domestic and foreign customers - and is not going to stop there. Vladimir Sukhin's design school continues to work and create new, even more advanced models of equipment.

  • Every year more and more domestic farmers realize that the presence of a quality separator on the farm to clean the harvest and calibrate the seeds, allows to increase the profitability of growing crops by 15-20%. So to speak, literally on an equal footing, because in this way the commodity characteristics of grain increase and drying costs are reduced. By sowing really high-quality seeds, the farmer naturally gets a higher yield, - says the founder and co-owner of patents for CAD separators, director of science of "Aeromeh" Irina Chornobay.

Chubynske, 2003

Charming Iryna Chornobay is the real face of Aeromeh, combining constant sincerity and friendliness in communication with perfect knowledge of the subject. It is a clear evidence of how women in the agricultural sector, in the production of products for him reach real heights - and serve as a real example of professional success. Ms. Iryna has been living her business for 20 years and can talk about the work of CAD machines for hours, noting the achievements and successes of her entire team. In general, the best positive impression of Aeromeh is always made during each of our meetings. These are highly qualified specialists and at the same time - sincere and open people who are happy to welcome each guest.

And they always have a lot of guests, because no agricultural producer can indifferently pass by the stand with CAD separators.

The principle of operation of CAD separators is based on a simple, at first glance, solution - the grain is loaded into the receiving hopper, from which it then enters the separating chamber, where it is processed by the air flow generated by the jet generator. Turbulent air currents literally sift through each grain, unmistakably distributing it to the right fraction - the highest quality grain, feed grain and waste.

It sounds very simple, but behind all this is the long-term painstaking work of inventor Volodymyr Sukhin and the entire Aeromeh team. Almost every year, the world-famous Ukrainian manufacturer offers new modifications of its separators, designed to perform tasks of various types.

Self-propelled Mobile Station - SMS, AGRO-2021.

Here and on "AGRO-2021" "Aeromeh" brought a number of novelties about which it is necessary to talk in more detail. First of all, we are talking about a real mobile seed plant, equipped with a lattice scalper for primary grain cleaning, actually a CAD separator in which the selection of quality seed and disinfectant is carried out. The grain mass is loaded into the hopper by means of a noria, and the output of the selected seeds can be combined with a disinfectant, resulting in a fully ready-to-sow high-quality sowing material. And the real highlight of this design is its mobility, as the CAD seed plant is based on a two-axle trailer. That is, it can be moved to any convenient point and no sites, foundations and permits are required for its installation.

CAD-150 with a cyclone, AGRO-2021.

In turn, for those farms where they plan to put the cleaning and calibration of grain on a serious basis, the company "Aeromeh" offers a giant separator, with a capacity of 150 tons / hour. These can be elevators, feed mills, seed farms or just agricultural enterprises where there is a need to finish large batches of grain.

It is also worth paying attention to the self-propelled grain cleaning complex, with a capacity of 10.15 or 30 t / h, based on the CAD separator, which independently approaches the collar with grain on the current, collects grain mass and sends it to the separator, where all necessary procedures. That is, you do not need to throw anything with shovels or buckets of the wheel loader. Everything is as convenient, efficient and clean as possible. Purified seed is removed through the norias, and waste is released from the reverse side of the complex.

  • We focus on the maximum convenience of operation of our machines with simultaneous observance of all characteristics of quality of work and productivity. For example, recently our customers have ordered computer-separated separators to be able to control all processes literally over the phone. We have followed this trend and today, at the request of the client, we offer fully digitalized machines, - says Irina Chornobay.

However, the most constructive principles of CAD separators remain simple, or rather ingeniously simple, which ensures many years of uninterrupted operation of the equipment. There are no problem areas or lubrication points. According to Iryna Chornobay, "there is practically nothing to break in our separators", so the farmer receives guaranteed high-quality and reliable equipment, with which he will never have any problems. In addition, the Aeromeh service department works literally like a clock, and if there is hardly a need to replace a part or make additional adjustments, this task will be completed within a few hours.

One of the proofs of the high quality of CAD separators is the already mentioned wide geography of deliveries of Aeromeh products. This is almost all European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Israel… And these machines are ordered not just by some large farms, but largely by producers of organic products. After all, in this segment of agricultural production, the quality of seed depends very much, because organics can not use, say, chemical pesticides. And they compensate for these prohibitions by removing strong healthy seeds obtained with the help of CAD separators.

  • For our part, we do everything to ensure that our agricultural partners in Ukraine have the opportunity to work even more efficiently and increase the profitability of their work. After all, they will become richer - our whole country will be richer, and such domestic machine-building enterprises as ours will receive additional opportunities for development. I have no doubt that our agricultural sector will develop even more actively in the coming years and it will become the locomotive of the development of the entire economy of our state. And we are glad that we invest a part of our work in this business, - Iryna Chornobay claims.

Irina Chornobay, 2020

In turn, we will note that Aeromeh has new ambitious plans for the development and release of new modifications of CAD separators for both this and the next season. And we have no doubt that her team, led by Volodymyr Sukhin and Iryna Chornobay, will be able to implement them brilliantly. Therefore, we thank the Aeromeh team for these 20 years of impeccable work for the benefit of the entire agricultural complex of Ukraine and wish them new achievements. You are worth it!



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