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AEROMEH CAD separators allowed to improve the branch of VKPK...

Vinnytsia Poultry Farm Branch of the VKPK: AEROMEH СAD SEPARATORS allowed to improve the quality of oil press production

Vinnytsia Poultry Farm of MHP is one of the largest in Ukraine and Europe. At the same time, about 28 million poultry are being raised at the poultry complex. Agree, to feed such a crowd of chickens, you need a lot of feed. And these feeds must be effective and safe, because the products of "Vinnytsia Poultry Farm" are supplied to more than 80 countries, including demanding EU countries.

Iryna Chornobay, the commercial director of AEROMEH EZHYUB, and I visited the Vinnytsia Poultry Factory LLC branch, and Vyacheslav Kontsur, the director, told us about his company. And also about how the quality of production of the oil press shop was increased at the enterprise.

Why install CAD separators at the OIL PRESS plant

In 2012, an oil press plant started operating at the enterprise. Its starting capacity was 500 tons of sunflower per day. In 2013, the second line was put into operation at 500 tons / day, and in 2016 - the third, with a capacity of 620 tons per day. That is, at the moment the total production capacity of the plant is 1620 tons of sunflower per day, and in 2020 the plant processed 445 thousand tons of oilseeds.

"The products of the oil press plant are distributed in our way as follows: sunflower oil is exported, and the cake is used in our feed production. There is also husk, which we use as fuel for our boiler room, and as bedding in poultry houses. From the rest of the husk we make fuel pellets, which are sold in Ukraine and abroad, ”says Vyacheslav Kontsur.


It was at the OIL PRESS plant that the modernization was carried out in 2020 - CAD-150 separators manufactured by AEROMEH were installed on each of the three independent lines.

"Analyzing the proposals of the Ukrainian market for aerodynamic separators, we saw positive feedback on the products of" AEROMEH ", which copes well with its main task - the exact sorting of oilseeds and seed preparation. We had a slightly different task, and I am grateful to the management of "AEROMEH" for giving us the opportunity to test the unit at work before buying. We then visited the production of the company "AEROMEH", brought with us our processed products and personally saw the effectiveness of the CAD separator for our oil press lines, clearly understood what we get at the exit. That is, it was not a blind purchase, ”Vyacheslav Kontsur recalls.

He explained what task the CAD separators helped to solve in the process of sunflower processing.

At the industrial speed of the equipment in the process of collapse of sunflower and separation of the obtained products, some part of the seed shell inevitably gets to the core, the core - in the husk. The efficiency of these processes affects the percentage of fiber content in the macus, which goes to the production of feed.

“When controlling the quality of the cake produced, we have a certain amount of fiber, and we wanted to reduce it. To do this, after the division of the rushanka (collapsed sunflower, - Ed. Note), the resulting nedorush is re-sent to the CAD separator for additional separation of husk particles from nedorush particles due to their different aerodynamic properties. The purified product is then put into production according to the technology, ”says the manager.

The results of modernization

One of the CAD separators

The rated capacity of the CAD-150 separator provides for the cleaning of 150 tons of products per hour. But in the OIL PRESS production machines are used in calibration mode, which gives a productivity of 25-30 tons per hour.

“The CAD SEPARATOR is very easy to operate. There is nothing complicated in regulating these machines. All throttle valves in them are exposed in necessary positions. Operators who control the calibration process use walkie-talkies to contact the operator of the main point where the main drive is installed, and from the main console add or reduce the speed of the fans, "says the head of the oil press shop Volodymyr Kucher.

Volodymyr Kucher, head of the oil press shop

As a result, the OIL PRESS plant received a larger volume of husk, which is used for the needs of the Vinnytsia Poultry Factory. And, of course, - a cleaner product, which is sent to the press office, where it is produced oil and cake. The cake, which will go to the production of feed, is of higher quality, which in general has a very positive effect on the bird's diet.

Prospects for further cooperation

At the branch of VKPK "Vinnytsia Poultry Farm" were satisfied with the cooperation with "AEROMEH". Moreover, they are so satisfied that they intend to continue this cooperation.

"We plan to buy 2 additional units - we are currently building another oil press plant. And we want to install two CAD separators on it. We are currently negotiating the purchase, and we have asked to make some changes to the design in order to adapt the separators to the needs of our production” Vyacheslav Kontsur shared his plans.

According to him, working with oilseeds has its own specifics - the car needs to be cleaned very often. And for high-quality cleaning, convenient access to all components of the separator is required. This is what AEROMEH promised to take into account in the development of new versions of separators for the branch of the CPSU. In addition, the machine will remove unnecessary production options that are more suitable for seed preparation than calibration.

Iryna Chornobay, Vyacheslav Kontsur and Volodymyr Kucher

IERO Chornobay, Commercial Director of AEROMEH, says that the company's designers have already started implementing this task.

“We have carried out all the necessary agreements with customers, and now the drawings of the modified CAD separators are ready. We begin their production. The new machines will have easier access to the drum, cyclone and aspirator of the separator, all the wishes of customers will be taken into account" said Iryna Chornobay.

She noted that AEROMEH CAD separators are very versatile, they are easy to modify for a variety of tasks. These separators are willing to buy not only in our country, but also abroad - farmers in more than 60 countries have made their choice in favor of the Ukrainian machine. And the wishes of each customer "AEROMEH" have always been and will be taken into account.

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