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AEROMEH plant took part in the exhibition AGRITECHNICA 2019 (Germany, Hannover)

Agritechnica is the world's largest specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery DLG.

The Agritechnica international exhibition is held once every two years and is one of the largest international exhibition forums in the field of agricultural machinery and equipment. Agritechnica is not only a review of the latest achievements in the field of agricultural engineering: the exhibition defines the main trends in the development of the world agricultural industry for the next two years - it has been held with such frequency since 1985. More than 2000 exhibitors gather in Hanover, where the exhibition moved in 1995 from Frankfurt am Main.

AEROMEH plant this time demonstrated its technology for producing strong and full seeds. The CAD separator worked at the stand constantly. Farmers and agrarians were amazed at the efficiency of the CAD separator.

Our booth constantly received a huge number of visitors. Our many dealers also worked at the stand. For example, our dealers from Romania, Austria, Germany and Poland provided useful advice to their customers.

The work at the Agritechnica 2019 exhibition was pleasant and warm for our entire AEROMEH team.

We hope for the successful development and expansion of the dealer network.


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