AEROMEH is a manufacturer of CAD separators and equipment for grain processing. Over the past 20 years, the CAD separator has made fundamental changes in the field of grain processing. Nowadays, CAD separators are built into each seed production line to solve a lot of problems, and most importantly to get high-yielding and healthy seeds.

Grain separator CAD provides effective cleaning of any grain. The grain cleaner has a built-in jet generator, which allows you to clean the seeds of any crops from coarse impurities: stalks, straw, pieces of wood, stones or clods of earth, or from small contaminants such as sand, dust, dust, broken grain.

The CAD separator carefully selects the grains formed in the middle zone of the ear, ears, hats, etc. This selection of seeds leads to a significant increase in sowing and yield qualities of grain.

Why is grain cleaning AEROMEH? The CAD separator is the cheapest way to clean and get complete seed. Thousands of Ukrainian farms and 52 countries of the world have been convinced of this for 19 years.

The machine has the following advantages:
– it does not damage the grain;
– has a low level of energy consumption (from 1.8 kW / h to 36 kW / h, depending on the performance of the machine);
– reliability and durability due to the simplicity of design (lack of kinematic schemes and lubrication points);
– does not require maintenance;
– able to produce products at any level of humidity and pollution;
– high work efficiency (does not require expensive maintenance, there is no need to select and replace sieves for each type of grain, there is no need for thorough and lengthy cleaning after use).

Our machines have high technological potential and are capable of:

– separate the mixture of wheat and barley (up to 60% in one operation);
– selection of peas damaged by bruchus (Bruchus pisorum);
– purification of 100% seeds of wheat, barley and other crops from seeds of wild oats (Avéna fátua);
– separation of rotten corn from healthy;
– selection of the most viable, biologically valuable and productive seeds;
– improving the class of grain mass (choice of feed fraction and increasing the level of grain quality).

We do not sell separators, but the ability to get an increase in the crop due to strong and healthy seeds.

The CAD separator also has unlimited possibilities: – sorting of all types of seeds and grains,

– sorting cereals and products and x processing,
– sorting of metal chips,
– sorting of sawdust,
– sorting of plastic chips,
– sorting granite chips,
– sorting of rubber crumb,
– sorting of sunflower waste,
– sorting frozen berries and so on.

You can divide or calibrate any material according to specific gravity taking into account the sizes with the help of our CAD separator. The list of materials is endless, every time we open up new opportunities for our customers.

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