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Customer feedback on the grain cleaning complex with a separator CAD-30. Interview with the chief agronomist of the farm

"I'm just happy ???? to have found your technology!" - these are the words of an agronomist, co-founder of TOV "Kolos Shipuvatogo", which is located in the Kharkov region.
In July 2018, the AEROMEH plant shipped the SZK-СAD-30 self-propelled grain cleaning complex to this enterprise. Today we visited this farm and interviewed.
???????? “The company specializes in the cultivation of grain crops. The sown area is 1,100 hectares”, Sergei tells us. The crop rotation uses crops such as wheat, corn, sunflower and many others. The grain of these crops must be processed and seed material prepared. In 2018, the question arose about choosing a grain cleaning unit for effective grain cleaning and seed preparation.
We chose the equipment for a long time and our choice settled on the SZK-СAD-30 separator.
This car turned out to be the best price. And the workmanship is excellent. Also, the complex uses not only the СAD-30 separator, but also the elevator to remove the seed, and this does not injure the grain. I really liked the convenient control panel.
????In general, I am very satisfied. I have already managed to estimate the yield of crops.
✅On average, after using the СAD separator, I received an increase in wheat yield of about 25%. Even visually, more powerful and friendly seedlings were visible. The car paid off in 1 season.
The guys from AEROMEH worked professionally and set up the unit for me on time. Recommend!
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