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Seed preparation for sowing - an integrated approach from AEROMEH and DOLINA

Presowing seed preparation is the key to a high yield

1. Chernobay I. V.
2. Trigub O. V.
3. Chetverik A. A.

Today, no one doubts and is not a subject of controversy, a fact proven by science and confirmed by practice - seeds even from one ear, ear or basket have different biological and morpho-physiological indicators. And also a fact is a proven thesis - only grain that is fully prepared at the initial stages of growth and development and grown in favorable conditions, with full provision of everything necessary, can give a high yield of good quality.

The solution to the first part of the problem lies in the plane of refinement and calibration. This is the stage that includes additional drying, cleaning and calibration of seeds. At the same time, the less weediness of the seed, the better cultivation results can be hoped for. The grain harvested from the field is not only different in size, but also of different quality in terms of sowing indicators. Biologically valuable (as seed) well-filled grain, formed in the middle part of the ear, cob, basket, pod, and the like. These seeds have high initial vigor and germination capacity and can form maximum yield.

During harvesting, a significant part of the grain is injured, and there is a high risk, when sowing with injured seeds, to get about 15-20% of the seeding rate. In order to isolate biologically valuable seed from the total mass, there are cleaning and calibration machines, among which the most technically and technologically attractive separators are mechanisms that perform sorting of seed material using a sieve-free system for selecting seeds by specific weight. Because the usefulness of seeds is determined not so much by its size as by the specific gravity associated with the maturity and nature of the grain.

For this purpose, an aerodynamic separator CAD has been created at the AEROMEH plant, which uses a new separation method based on the principles of pneumonics and jet technology. This allows you to divide the grain mass by specific gravity with high accuracy, that is, in fact, sort the grain according to the structure of the ear. This separator has proven itself in the market as a technology for obtaining high-yielding and strong seeds and is successfully used both in Ukraine and in more than 56 countries of the world, including the countries of Europe, the USA, Israel, Canada, India, etc. Separators in small and large farms, agricultural firms, seed factories, elevators.

Separators are of particular value among business executives today, when, along with seeds of recognized international brands, their own seed crops (of high reproductions) are increasingly popular. The use of such a technique with a unique calibration technology allows you to save money and get high-quality seeds for sowing.

As for the second part of the solution to the problem of obtaining high yields of good quality, it is impossible to fully prepare seeds for sowing without treating seeds with pesticides (fungicides and insecticides) and plant growth stimulants and providing a full range of mineral nutrition (macro- and micronutrient fertilizers).

The group of companies "Dolina" has developed, investigated and implemented a line of microfertilizers and plant growth stimulators into agricultural production. Some of them are preparations for treating seeds in preparation for sowing. The proposed for use plant growth stimulator Vympel-K (a preparation for treating seeds, tubers, cuttings, cuttings and seedlings) due to its multicomponent nature has a set of properties as a growth stimulator, adaptogen, cryoprotectant, antistressant and antioxidant. It contains the optimal combination of polyethylene oxide (770 g / l) and amber-humate complex (33 g / l) and is aimed at increasing field germination and seed germination energy (by 5-8%, and in especially unfavorable weather conditions up to 25-30% ). Protects seeds in case of long-term presence of grains in unfavorable conditions (up to 2 months) from the negative influence of provocative moisture (from mold), increases the effectiveness of dressing agents, biological products, macro- and micronutrients (by 25-30%) used together with it, ensures growth biomass, accelerates the development of the root system and an increase in vegetative mass and leads to an increase in plant resistance to drought (by 25-30%), promotes an increase in sugars and starch (up to 40%), which enhances frost and winter hardiness (the freezing point of cell sap and water by 3-5 ° C), stabilizes and activates the vital activity of beneficial soil microflora around the seed, increases the productivity of the plant.

No less important when processing seeds is the complex liquid micronutrient fertilizer Oracle of seeds, the presowing treatment with which provides the plant with available nutrients, starting from the earliest phases of growth and development. Microfertilizer Oracle of seeds has a powerful physiological effect on seedlings: it increases the germination energy (by 3-8%), promotes intensive growth of the root system, increases plant resistance to diseases (by 18-30%), due to the development of the root system makes plants less vulnerable to drought, lack of nutrients and other negative factors, increases the competitiveness of weeds.

Only an integrated approach to the preparation of seed material for sowing: selection of biologically valuable, well-filled grain with a significant specific gravity, high parameters of the initial energy of germination and germination, which is fully provided at the initial stages of growth and development with nutrients (macro- and microelements), protected from the negative effects of unfavorable environmental factors, stimulated for rapid and full-fledged growth and development from the initial stages, can maximize its genetic potential.
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