Why should farmers pay attention to seed preparation?

High-quality pre-sowing preparation of seeds is one of the key stages of growing plants, always a guarantee of a high yield. The volumes and timing of the ripening of the crop are directly proportional to the quality of the preliminary cleaning of the seed and its calibration by specific gravity. First, the seeds are cleaned of all sorts of impurities such as stones, soil, seeds of other plants, inorganic debris, etc. This procedure is conscientiously and efficiently handled by grain-cleaning complexes of various modifications produced by Aeromeh.

Further calibration of seeds helps to isolate and remove grain injured during harvesting from the total mass. The principles of pneumonics and jet technology, on which the action of the aerodynamic separator CAD is based, makes it possible to separate grain by specific gravity with very high accuracy. In other words, the separator sorts the grain even according to the grain structure. After all, it has been scientifically confirmed that the healthiest grain with the best biological and morpho-physiological properties is formed precisely in the central part of the ear (pod, stump) – in the so-called “golden environment” with specific gravity from 1.330 to 1.384 g/ml.

The most effective technological solution to the above problems is separators with a sieve-free system for selecting seeds by specific gravity. Separation by seed size alone is not enough, because the value of the seed largely depends on the specific gravity. For the sowing material, specific-heavy seeds with a high content of nutrients go, but specific-light ones satisfy marketable goals. Every farmer knows that the productivity of seeds is determined not so much by their size as by their specific gravity, which is associated with ripeness and natural weight. The latter, in turn, depends on the density, moisture level and the absence or presence of all kinds of impurities.

How does the CAD separator technology take into account the specific grains / seeds for subsequent sorting?

Grain sorting by specific gravity occurs due to high-frequency scanning by generator jets. The streams are adjusted in such a way that the specific-heavy seeds “skip” all the jets, and the specific-light ones are “carried away” by the jet of the corresponding specific gravity. That is, the grain is distributed in terms of density over 9 jets of different power and direction in the general flow.

Back in 2002, we introduced a three-year study in which we studied the sowing and yield qualities of seeds by fractions. It was experimentally found that 5 fractions differ significantly in specific gravity. But within these fractions, seeds differ in specific gravity only by +/- 3%. Such an error is considered insignificant, therefore, we are dealing with a fairly clear calibration of grain by specific gravity.

How can grain yield be increased when separating based on bio-value?

In scientific experiments, the results of a 35-40% increase in yield, but in practice, farmers often get 25-30% due to sorting on CAD separators. There are no restrictions on crops, the grain of which can be qualitatively cleaned using the CAD technology. Instead, the device allows you to additionally sort any bulk material. If the grain is very dirty, it may need to be passed through the separator again. Recently, farmers have well-tuned harvesters, and the material is cleaned at once. It should be noted that the Aeromeh plant produces modifications of separators with a capacity of 1 to 150 t/h.

Are there more popular individual units (separators, bucket elevators, augers, conveyors) or complete mini-lines among farmers?

Each farm has completely different, sometimes even unique conditions. Many of our customers generate demand for individual machines and assemblies. According to their requests, Aeromeh produces the following items of agricultural machinery:

separators CAD with productivity from 1 to 150 tons per hour;
grain loading equipment (bucket elevators, augers, conveyors, etc.);
grain cleaning complexes of various modifications;
grain containers;
grain moisture meters;
self-propelled grain cleaning complexes.

Recently, however, more and more farmers have expressed their wishes for the invention of a comprehensive solution in the plane of grain cleaning equipment. Having created a mini-line (mobile seed station – SMS), our engineers, in my opinion, have met the needs of farmers working with seed.

What are the advantages of a mini-line for grain cleaning based on the CAD separator?

The main advantage of the mini-line is that it performs three tasks at once on one platform:

cleans grain according to the size of the sieve separator;
calibrates by specific gravity, selecting the most complete and productive seeds with the CAD separator;

It is also very important that the mini-line is mobile. This is a kind of mini-factory on wheels. Using SMS allows you to save on logistics, because it is easy to move it from one hangar to another, from one farm to another. And the main thing is that the farmer immediately receives the material ready for sowing.

The mini-line was launched in July, and in August we carried out tests. Now there are already about 10 requests for SMS not only from customers from Ukraine, but also from Europe. We are planning to produce Mobile Seed Stations of various capacities. The base model is rated for 10 t/h for cleaning operations and 5 t/h for calibration. It is advisable to have SMS in your technical park for farms with a land bank of up to 1000 hectares.

What is the basic “combat” set of the Seed Mobile Station manufactured by Aeromeh?

The basic set of SMS includes:

drum-screen separator;
separator CAD-10 with a cyclone;
reloading bucket elevators;
platform on wheels;
dressing agent.

The principle of operation of the mini-line is as follows. First, the grain enters the hopper, then it is delivered through the elevator to the sieve-drum separator, which performs preliminary cleaning to select large impurities, sticks and other things.

The cleaning process continues: through the transfer elevator, the grain now enters the CAD separator. Next, a full-fledged material is selected, calibrated by specific gravity. After that, the grain is fed to the scales and electronic dispenser. This operation is necessary for further packaging of grain in bags (races) by weight. Then the grain enters the screw-type dressing machine. All dosage settings are made using a control panel and a special display. After the pickling procedure, the grain is poured into big bags or carriage, depending on the needs of each individual client.

Can the SMS package be changed at the request of the customer?

Of course. Due to the fact that our enterprise is a research and production company, professes an intellectual approach, it becomes possible to fully personalize the order. Aeromech always meets customers halfway, completing the station at the request and needs of customers. That is, any version of the complicated or, on the contrary, simplified configuration is possible. Meanwhile, our station is equipped with materials and assemblies for 80% of Ukrainian production.

The basic equipment of the mobile seed station covers a wide range of tasks for grain processing and seed preparation. For example, it is possible to connect additional augers, pipes, distributors, adders, bag holders.

Also available is the option of installing SMS not on a two-axle trailer, declared in the basic configuration, but on any other vehicle. In this case, the whole complex is assembled on a platform for tying a line, observing the dimensions: width and height.

How is the issue of waste removal from VMS units technically resolved?

The machine has a common waste bin. Waste of the drum machine of the separator CAD, diverted to this bunker, is then discharged outside the complex into a trailer or to the tracks using a screw conveyor.

How to calculate the economic efficiency of using SMS in the farm?

According to our calculations, the Seed Mobile Station should pay off in the first season. Indeed, thanks to its technology, less labor is involved and significant time savings. Separately, it is possible to single out an increase in the yield by almost a third, achieved by obtaining high-quality seed.

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