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The farmers of Austria appreciated the work of the CAD separators. "Wieselburger Messe 2019"

27.06.2019 - 30.06.2019 an exhibition-fair was held in the city of Wieselburg

"Wieselburger Messe 2019".

"Aeromeh" plant provided Austrian farmers with an opportunity to evaluate the production of organic products using CAD separators.

Separator SAD is:
????Calibration of seeds by specific gravity and the selection of full and healthy seeds.
????Seed material has high sowing qualities.
????Friendly shoots.
????Simultaneous ripening of the crop.
????Strong seedlings and plants during the growing season.
????Annual weaning of fields.
All this leads to the minimization of herbicides and plant protection products, or even their exclusion.








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