In each grain, the strength and energy that you receive from the AEROMEX technology.

During the harvest and preparation of crops for storage, it is very important to accurately complete all stages of the post-harvest process. One of the most significant steps is grain cleaning. It allows you to save the crop from dust and impurities, weeds, pests, dry matter, separate the seeds, and also qualitatively prepare the grain for further storage and processing.

Universal grain cleaning equipment separators CAD has a high capacity, processing almost all types and varieties of crops, legumes, oilseeds, industrial, small-seeded herbs and vegetables. The grain separator can be used alone or in combination with other units, performing the complete process of processing crops.

AEROMEH company offers grain cleaning machines for various purposes. Here you can buy small separators CAD-4 and CAD-5 for small farms, as well as grain separators CAD-100 and CAD-150 – more productive and always efficient.

The equipment for cleaning grain at AEROMEH plant consists of several components. The grain enters the hopper feeder separator CAD. Thanks to the vibratory tray, the grain is evenly distributed in the separation chamber and over its entire width. The jet generator of the CAD grain separator with powerful formed flows processes each element of the separated stream. In this case, the heap is cleaned of dust, light impurities, crushed grain, weed seeds and other mineral and plant impurities. Separation or sorting of grain on the separator CAD occur on 5 fractions. After cleaning, the best and cleanest grain in the CAD separator falls into the 2nd and 3rd fractions. Small impurities, crushed seeds and waste of various origins enter the 4-5 fractions. In calibration mode, 2-3 fractions of separators SBP is a full-fledged seed, which is obtained by selecting grain by specific gravity.

The equipment has a reliable housing, does not have replaceable elements and lubrication points, therefore it can last for many years without failures in operation. At the peak of the season, when grain cleaning is carried out for many hours in a row, it is very important that the machines work clearly and smoothly, because every day of downtime can bring losses to the agricultural economy. We offer reliable equipment that does not require expensive consumables or special care, it gives maximum efficiency without taking significant investments.

AEROMEH plant also produces grain cleaning systems based on CAD separators. You can set any task, and we will solve it. Self-propelled grain cleaning complexes, elevators, augers, sieve and bar scalpers for rough cleaning of grain – this is not a complete list of products of the AEROMEH plant.

Separator AeroDynamic CAD is a modern and reliable grain cleaning equipment. Innovative solutions embedded in the CAD separator allow solving a lot of problems in the field of grain cleaning. CAD is a technology for producing high-yielding seeds.

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