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What happened at the AGRO-2021 exhibition and what new unit appeared in Ukraine from the AEROMEH plant that interested all visitors.

What happened at the AGRO-2021 exhibition and what new unit appeared in Ukraine from the AEROMEH plant, which interested all visitors.


Plant of grain cleaning equipment "AEROMEH" at the exhibition AGRO-2021

In June, the largest international agro-industrial exhibition AGRO-2021 took place. The Aeromeh team presented its own developments and grain cleaning equipment at its stand:

Separator CAD-5 complex;
Separator CAD-150 with a cyclone;
Self-propelled Grain-cleaning complex SZK-CAD-15;

And a new development from the Aeromeh plant Seed Mobile Station - SMS.

Many new and interesting meetings took place at the exhibition, and successful negotiations were held with our future and current customers and dealers. Today we supply our products to more than 60 countries around the world and the geography of use of CAD separators is constantly growing. And this testifies to the efficiency, versatility and reliability of Aeromeh plant products.

Aeromeh team training 100%

Any weather to help us.

What a NEW product was presented by the AEROMEH plant at the AGRO 2021 exhibition

We are constantly evolving and not standing still, perfecting and improving our products and expanding production to provide you with more powerful and efficient equipment. Therefore, we have developed a new car, namely the Seed Mobile Station - SMS, which has attracted many visitors to the exhibition AGRO-2021. It is a mobile installation for cleaning and preparation of strong and healthy seeds for sowing.

SMS pre-cleans any grain on Drum scalpers, then the grain enters the CAD separator, which is mounted on a two-axle trailer. In the CAD separator grain is sorted by fraction by specific gravity. Selected strong seeds through the noria enters the scales. After dosing, the grain is fed to the screw type pickling agent. And the pickled, cleaned grain arrives on the distributor from which seeds are distributed in turn on different big runs. By means of SMS we receive high-quality sowing material which will give high germination and energy of germination of seeds that will considerably increase your crop. More information about SMS.

Impressions from the exhibition

We received a lot of positive impressions and new ideas for further development after the AGRO-2021 exhibition, and also replenished our customer base.

Come to us at the plant with your material, we will be glad to see you and demonstrate the work of Aeromeh products. Check and see for yourself, as a cleaning and calibration of any grain on our CAD separators.



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