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What you sow 2019. An exhibition in Lithuania and the AEROMECH plant again conquers Europe.


In full swing the exhibition "Ką pasėsi ... 2019" ("What you sow ..."), taking place in Lithuania.
Among the exhibitors are more than 300 enterprises. Including the factory "AEROMEH" introduces Lithuanian farmers and guests with their equipment:
grain cleaning equipment, self-propelled grain cleaning complexes, screw loaders, norias - everything that is actively used by modern farms.
"What you sow ..." High-quality seed material - one of the main conditions for obtaining a rich harvest. In his receipt will be an indispensable assistant Separator Sad. Air CAD separators allow you to carefully and carefully select healthy, full-bodied grains, increasing yields.





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We invite you to the exhibition "Grain Technologies 2021" AgroSpring.