The quality of seed is always in the first place

As you know, the problem of quality seed is now relevant. Since small enterprises (agricultural, farms) do not have modern harvesting machines, the quality of grain leaves much to be desired. And there is no maximum return from harvesting obsolete machines.

What is СAD and how is it used in agriculture?

To improve the purity and quality of sown grain and increase yields use grain separators.

The grain cleaning separator is a multifunctional machine that is able to work in all modes of calibration and cleaning of grain as it uses a large number of cleaning sections. And to buy the CAD separator will not make difficulties even to representatives of small business because its cost is low.

Grain separator CAD cleansing in four modes:

  • initial cleaning of grain (seeds);
  • primary cleaning of grain (seeds);
  • secondary cleaning of grain (seeds);
  • calibration by weight of grain (seeds).

They occupy a leading position in all types of agricultural equipment for grain cleaning. When buying an aerodynamic CAD grain separator, you are guaranteed to increase your yield by 35%. The principle of operation of the air (aerodynamic) separator on the separation in the air flow of the material for separation.

What is SPO for and what is it?

During the operation of the separator, dust and light particles are released, which together with the grain fall into the separation. To avoid contamination of products use a cyclone. The cyclone is installed on the pre-cleaning separator located above the CAD.

SPO is an original grain separator; primary cleaning, it is needed to separate from the seeds of noticeably large particles such as: straw, ear, mineral, etc., the size of which exceeds the size of the grain. SPO is used on grain streams for post-harvest processing of grain. And also SPO can be used in a complex with CAD, and then grain will be more qualitative.


Separators clean and calibrate almost all types of seeds. Work with grains of various degree of pollution and moisture, as a result without reducing the high-quality part of separation and productivity in any way..


Separators with special equipment that captures and eliminates dust, light impurities, as well as fine particles. Cyclones are prepared especially for CAD separators (already built in the car)..

Separator manufacturer is the best option

Separators for calibration of grain are made by plant-manufacturer of separators CAD “Aeromeh” Ukraine. This is the first company in Ukraine that manufactures aerodynamic grain separators CAD, so their cost is low.

Where can I buy a separator?

You can buy a grain garden separator at a very reasonable price. Since only the manufacturer of aerodynamic grain separators CAD. “Aeromeh”, the price and quality corresponds to the level you need.

The car for cleaning of CAD grain is reliable and durable. There is a wide choice of models starting from low-power, which process 4 tons, and ending with 150 tons per hour of processed seeds. The company is constantly working on refining their design for even greater impact and quality of the produced material. Therefore, the equipment for grain cleaning is not inferior in quality and method of cleaning and design to its imported counterparts.

Most sowing companies use these machines, as this manufacturer has established itself well among consumers in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS.


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