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Norias are designed for vertical transportation of grain and loose materials. The main advantage is the absence of crushing and minimal trauma to the grain, reliability and durability, minimum power consumption.

The height of the noria is formed by a set of head, shoe, passage and repair sections. The connection of all knot assemblies is bolted. All the noria are equipped with mechanisms stop the return stroke. Tension of the tape with buckets occurs in the shoe with using two tensioning screws. The traction organ of the belt-belt is the belt rubber-fabric. The bucket is made of impact-resistant food plastic.

The drive consists of a cylindrical gearbox of domestic or imported manufacture and the electric motor, or the motor-reducer of import manufacture. The reducer with a hollow output shaft is clad on the shaft of the drive drum and transmits the rotation on it directly without a coupling.

We produce noria with a capacity of 10 to 100 tons per hour.

Basic equipment

  • Exhaust throat (elbow)
  • shoe
  • drive head
  • mine
  • retraction inspection box
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