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Self-propelled Grain Cleaning Complex SZK-CAD-10, SZK-CAD-15, SZK-CAD-30

Self-propelled Grain Cleaning Complex SZK-CAD-10, SZK-CAD-15, SZK-CAD-30
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Grain cleaning complex is designed for cleaning and calibration of any grain in conditions of current, warehouse, where it is necessary to load grain from a shoe or big-bag and take off the ready-made clean material and waste. The self-propelled complex is the best solution for post-harvest cleaning and grain calibration.

Principle of operation:

Through the scraper loader the grain from the collar enters the hopper-feeder of the separator ​С​AD. Then, from the bunker by the vibrating chute, the grain enters the separation chamber uniformly, where it is processed by the generator jets. The purified or calibrated grain falls into 2-3 fractions and is then transported by the norie to a separate bunk or trailer. Waste, seedy and crushed seeds from 4-5 fractions are separately taken away by the auger to the side. The cyclone serves to trap dust. The whole self-propelled grain cleaning complex ​С​AD is driven by a geared motor, which is easily operated by the operator. The absence of chain drives, lubrication points makes the design reliable and safe when used.

!!! The SZK ​С​AD package can be changed according to your desire and under your conditions


  • convenience of operation of SZK ​CAD ​in open and closed rooms;
  • SZK ​ CAD ​reduces all the operations to clean grain to one, at times simplifying the processing of grain, saving the agrarian forces and time;
  • low power consumption;
  • universality;
  • rapid change of crops and grain cleaning regimes;
  • one operator service
  • maneuverability and ease of control.
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