of grain cleaning


CAD-10 separator

CAD-10 separator
Previous cleaning regim up up to 14 t/h
Cleaning regime up to up to 10 t/h
Calibration regime up to up to 5 t/h
Power consumption 4,3 kWt
length 2300 mm
width 900 mm
height 2450 mm
Mass 505 kg
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Instructions for setting up separators CAD
Features of separator CAD-10
Separator CAD-10 has obtained wide application both on large grain elevators and small farms that grow cash grain. Uniqueness of this equipment is in high-precision calibration of grain according to its specific weight, homogeneity of seeds during calibration is ±3% and this lets to pick out grain with high content of gluten, high content of protein. Qualitative indexes of separation are higher than on existing till today separators and calibrating machines.
Maintenance of separator CAD-10
Separator CAD-10 is very easy in maintenance, reliable, often can replace a row of machines in the existing line, can be easily built in lines that are working on cleaning and calibrating. Separator works with grain with any level of impurity and humidity and doesn’t reduce quality of separation and productivity. It has low power consumption. We can deliver by railway or automobile transport to any place of the world.
Cleaning and calibrating
Separator CAD-10 provides cleaning and calibrating of all known types of seeds, namely: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Millet, Sunflower, Corn, Pea, Mustard, Rice, Soya, Sorghum, Vetch, Lupine, Cumin, Flax, Rape, Buckwheat, Herb seeds, Vegetable seeds, Watermelons seeds, Bean seeds and so on. Also separator can clean and calibrate all known bulks with diameter up to 15 mm, there were experiments carried out on such materials: Road Metal, Granite Crumb, Pebbles, Marble aggregate, Abrasive material, Zeolite, Montons and so on.
Loading of the separator
Grain feeding should be done by your own on the height of separator CAD-10. Separated grain should be directed to tanks that are placed below level of the floor on which the machine is installed. On customer’s request separators can be completed with wheels.
Ways of installing and operating of CAD-10
Separator CAD-10. should b
на предварительной очистке до 6 т/ч
на первичной очистке до 4 т/ч
на калибровке (сортировке) до 2 т/ч
Потребляемая мощность 1,8 кВт
Длина 1520 мм
Ширина 635 мм
Высота 1850 мм
Масса 209 кг

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