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CAD-100 separator with cyclone

CAD-100 separator with cyclone
is available
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Previous cleaning regime − up to 150 t/h

Cleaning regime − up to 100 t/h

Calibration regime − up to 40 t/h

Power consumption:

37 kWt


length − 5970 mm.

width − 2220 mm.

height − 3850 mm.


3087 kg.

  • Description 

Особенности сепаратора САД-100 с циклоном

Сепаратор САД-100 с циклоном получил широкое применение, как на крупных элеваторах, так и в небольших фермерских хозяйствах, занимающихся выращиванием товарного зерна. Уникальность данного оборудования заключается в высокоточной калибровке зерна по удельному весу, однородность семян при сепарации ±3%, что дает возможность выделять зерно с повышенным содержанием клейковины, высоким содержанием белка. Качественные показатели сепарации выше, чем на известных до настоящего времени сепараторах и калибровочных машинах.


Features of separator CAD-100 with cyclone with cyclone

Separator CAD-100 with cyclone with cyclone has obtained wide application both on large grain elevators and small farms that grow cash grain. Uniqueness of this equipment is in high-precision calibration of grain according to its specific weight, homogeneity of seeds during calibration is ±3% and this lets to pick out grain with high content of gluten, high content of protein. Qualitative indexes of separation are higher than on existing till today separators and calibrating machines.


Maintenance of separator CAD-100 with cyclone with cyclone

Separator CAD-100 with cyclone with cyclone is very easy in maintenance, reliable, often can replace a row of machines in the existing line, can be easily built in lines that are working on cleaning and calibrating. Separator works with grain with any level of impurity and humidity and doesn’t reduce quality of separation and productivity. It has low power consumption. We can deliver by railway or automobile transport to any place of the world.


Cleaning and calibrating

Separator CAD-100 with cyclone provides cleaning and calibrating of all known types of seeds, namely: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Millet, Sunflower, Corn, Pea, Mustard, Rice, Soya, Sorghum, Vetch, Lupine, Cumin, Flax, Rape, Buckwheat, Herb seeds, Vegetable seeds, Watermelons seeds, Bean seeds and so on. Also separator can clean and calibrate all known bulks with diameter up to 15 mm, there were experiments carried out on such materials: Road Metal, Granite Crumb, Pebbles, Marble aggregate, Abrasive material, Zeolite, Montons and so on.



Cyclone – is equipment for trapping of dust, light admixtures and fine-dispersed particles that go to separation together with initial material. Offered cyclones are engineered only for CAD separators and are their integral part; they are built in the machine. Are used on factories with strict ecological and sanitary production requirements. Distinctive features: compactness, low power consumption, simplicity in operation.


Ways of installing and operating of CAD-100 with cyclone with cyclone

Separator CAD-100 with cyclone. should be installed on graincleaing complexes or in any other suitable premises, where it is possible to provide loading and unloading of the separator.

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