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GRAIN Separator CAD new generation from AEROMEH

GRAIN Separator CAD new generation from AEROMEH
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We would like to bring to your attention the improved grain separator CAD from the plant AEROMEH.

The scalper (bar block) is built in the separator for the preliminary cleaning of grain.

What does it give?

The regime of scalping on the separator CAD allows for additional purification of the grain material-extraction of large vegetable admixtures from the bulk mixture, in particular, fragments of ears, root systems, stems, straw leaves, parts of sunflower hats and other inclusions.

This mode can be used in conjunction with the pre-cleaning, primary cleaning and as an independent mode.

The mode of scalping in the separator CAD is carried out with the aid of an integrated bar device

Advantages of the technical solution for the scalping mode:

* improving the quality of the separation process by preventing large impurities from entering the separation chamber;
continuity of the purification and separation process;
* automatic removal of large impurities even before entering the separation chamber, due to the presence of a dual channel, reported with the first collection of fractions;
* simple "on-off" of the scalping mode during the operation of the separator;
* The built-in bar block does not change the dimensions of the existing lineup of the lineup of CAD separators;
simple replacement of the bar block for different crops.

Separators CAD are equipped with new nozzles of the 4th generation

What are the advantages of new nozzles?

The nozzles of the 4th generation expanded the capabilities of the separators CAD. The quality of separation of particles of complex shape and with inhomogeneous surface roughness is improved due to the creation of an ascending highly turbulent flow with inhomogeneous properties along the section by changing the design of the jet generator.

What have we achieved?

Increased the versatility of separators CAD by increasing the sensitivity of the jet generator to the separated particles; Increased the quality of grain separation by high-frequency scanning of the shape and roughness of the particles contained in the starting material.

Engine power is reduced by 25%

The nozzles of the 4th generation are capable of increasing the self-oscillatory movements of air currents and, thanks to this, the separation area is increased. This made it possible to reduce the power consumption by 25% on all models of separators SBA.

Complete computerization of separators CAD

Perfection of the separators CAD is in step with the times. Now it is not enough to produce products that perform only one function. It is important to solve a number of problems. And the management and operation of the grain cleaning unit should be easy, simple and convenient. To date, computerization of equipment greatly simplifies its operation. Remote control panel (tablet) allows the operator to remotely control the separator CAD.

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