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Screw-type grain loader (Conveyor screw 120/3)

Screw-type grain loader (Conveyor screw 120/3)
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  • Performance т/ч 4–7
  • Connection settings 380V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption kW 0,75
  • Length 2753
  • Height 2651
  • Width 1384
  • Screw diameter mm 120
  • Lifting height 1400-2500
  • Weight кг 100
  • Rotation frequency 1/mines 370
  • Tilt angle ° 0–65
  • Description 

The grain loader VK-120 is designed to supply raw grain to the sorting machine or from under the separator.

Mechanization of loading of grain material of agricultural crops is carried out on the covered or open currents, platforms, warehouses or in other premises. Can be used for loading grain cleaning machines, machines for processing grain on farms and other objects of agroindustrial complex.

The grain loader is able to work as part of the seed-cleaning lines, grain cleaning units, grain cleaning and drying complexes, and also work independently with the devices transporting grain material to the machine.

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